This Week in Lists – Week 3

This was a really productive week even though it felt busier than usual with stuff I hadn’t planned. Still managed to see two movies in my goal of seeing as many awards-candidate films as I can. Also managed to make a turmeric latte at work and enjoyed it so much that I bought a frother to make them more often.

My group fitness challenge starts today so my goals are to stick with that and my meal planning and try to meet or exceed my performance in previous challenges.

Last Week

This Week

  • Organize kitchen and especially cleaning supplies under sink
  • Update freezer inventory
  • Make orange curd, banana pudding, and chia pudding
  • Large hall closet cleanout
  • Schedule Dr. appt. (this one keeps dragging)
  • More January Cure – this week it’s the bathroom!
  • Things to use up: gingerbread loaf, citrus, and milk


  • January Cure
  • Dry January
  • Dr. Appointment
  • Renew passport
  • French audio lessons
  • Finish one knit sweater and post pics


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