This Week in Lists – Week 2

This has been such a busy and productive week. I’m still vacuuming up pine needles, but the tree is down and decorations have been packed away!

The January Cure kicked off and I picked up a bunch of things to make organizing my bedroom a bit easier so that I no longer have clothes everywhere. I had not one but TWO clothes chairs and now I’m down to one (hopefully by this weekend, they’ll both just be chairs for sitting).

Unfortunately I’m starting to realize this week won’t be as easy. Work is throwing lots of stuff with weird hours at me this week which is really going to get in the way of a lot of things I need to do.

I am however trying to work on developing an evening wind-down routine. Lighting a candle, drinking some (decaf) tea, and then settling into bed with a book. So far it is DELIGHTFUL.

Last Week

  • Maintain Dry January plans
  • Take down tree and bring to recycling
  • Put away Christmas decorations
  • Start January Cure on Apartment Therapy
  • Bed Bath and Beyond trip for returns and new SpaceBags
  • Pick up boots at cobbler
  • Theater day with JN
  • Wrap gifts for JN
  • Schedule dr. appt.
  • Update freezer inventory
  • Mealplan

This Week

  • Try a turmeric latte
  • Haircut
  • Mealplan
  • Update freezer inventory
  • Schedule Dr. appt.
  • pick 3-5 recipes from pinterest to try this month (broccoli cheddar soup, Stromboli, Gnocchi and sausage skillet, and ______)
  • Exercise! in the lead-up to my new group fitness challenge
  • Make more Cranberry Shrub and Lemon Ginger tonic for Dry January fun
  • Keep going with the January Cure! This weekend is the kitchen and I can’t wait!
  • Things to use up: tomato sauce, avocados


  • January Cure
  • Dry January
  • Dr. Appointment
  • Renew passport
  • French audio lessons
  • Finish one knit sweater and post pics


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