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Well. This is a surprise. Didn’t expect to find myself back here. On top of it all, I’m still in my same wonderful apartment that got this blog started in the first place. Definitely hasn’t been much movement in that respect.

In an effort to get my act together in the new year, I’ve decided to revisit some of the things that I love. And one of the things I miss is writing, but not in the way you think. This past month I had two weeks of vacation that were filled with list-making. To-Do lists, goals and inspirations, recipes and shopping lists. And the satisfaction I got from CROSSING SOMETHING OFF those lists was an unbelievable little thrill.

So, how could I get that feeling more often, and with less paper-waste?

And that’s why I’m here. The goal is to post at least once a week with a list of goals and inspiration for the week. And then to revisit the previous week’s accomplishments. If I can add some other content as I feel the inspiration, that’s great.

I’m not calling it a “resolution”. It’s an intention. Hopefully made with an understanding of how failure is possible, but should just be considered a setback so that I can get back to it. I’m treating this more as a journal, and when you pick up your journal after a hiatus, there’s no sense of failure, just a sense of what’s possible.

Ancillary benefits include: accountability to myself, motivation to take more pictures, a centralized location where I can find things that inspired me but then slipped my mind, fewer “productivity” apps on my phone.

Inspirations include:

And with all that in mind, here’s a list of post topics for inspiration:

  1. (Weekly) To-Do List
  2. (Weekly) What I’ve Been Reading (links to articles and posts that caught my eye)
  3. (Weekly) Instagram cross post
  4. (Monthly with option for weekly) Cookbook/Site of the Month (use and cook from a book or site at least once a week with reviews of each item)
  5. (Weekly) Mealplan
  6. (Weekly) Song of the Week (possibly curated to a different emotion, randomly generated)
“I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door” by Dorothy Iannone on the Highline

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