How Do I Love Thee?

One week in, and I’m still very much in the honeymoon phase with my new apartment. As sad as it was to leave a place I’d called home for so long, the new place is quickly erasing any residual good will I may have had for the old one.

1. I’m on the top floor with no buildings opposite my windows, which means constant, glorious light all day.

2. Water pressure is amazing. And for some reason it leaves my hair so much softer than the water at the old place.

3. No upstairs neighbors. No one doing step aerobics late at night, or competing in living room roller derby bouts on the weekend.

4. Internet is faster. I can actually watch an episode of FNL off my Apple TV without the need for it to buffer longer than the runtime of the episode.

5. Privacy. No one hanging out in front of my windows means I can leave the curtains open. Peeping Toms in the park may be getting a show, but only if they climb a tree.

6. Quiet. No more car horns or car alarms every time a motorcycle races by. No more impromptu parties or drunken fights in front of my building at 3 am. No more rear-ended car accidents (seriously, in 8 years, there had been at least that many accidents outside my window while I was home). Just birds chirping and dogs barking in the park with the occasional noise through the walls of my neighbor’s apartment. And that I can handle.


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