A Time to Plan

I’m a planner by nature. It’s really a shame that I find the act of making lists more satisfying than typically the act of finishing all the tasks on said lists. But there you are.

With an endeavor like this blog, in a new year full of new opportunities, the art of list making is even more exciting. Because it’s not just things I HAVE to do, it’s things I WANT to do.

So without further ado, a list for January:

  • Photograph my rooms in their existing configurations, documenting possessions and layouts.
  • Take more pictures in general
  • Make new pillow covers for the living room sofa
  • Cull books and dishware in preparation for moving
  • Finish 2 in-progress quilts
  • Finish Dad’s kelly green vest
  • Watch more episodes of Friday Night Lights

One of the things I’m most excited about is the culling of possessions in preparation for the big move. Rather than waiting until the last possible moment, I think it’s incredibly important to get these little things done beforehand so I’m not overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of all the things I’ve accumulated since I moved into this apartment. And truly, I have entirely too much stuff. Some of it just needs to go. And what better time to let things go than now?


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